Dr. Klauer advocated for the AOA when late show Jonnie Falon tore apart our profession. He was able to get a you tube video of forgiveness. The end result was publicity for our profession

They are working to prevent the mid-levels from expanding their scope of practice

Financially the AOA is up by 3.5 million this year. Less expenses and more revenue from CME

Advocates and Affiliates are working hard to advocate for our profession Residencies matched 91% this year.

Governmental affairs is advocating for the DO’s. They kept Medicare from cutting payment by 9%. They worked on student loan forgiveness in underserved areas. They extended telehealth reimbursement for 6 months. Worked to help cover covid vaccine. National Osteopathic Medicine week was approved by the senate.

Membership is working with Young leaders to work on member value, board certification, and at home CME. Membership campaign with emails They rolled out my AOA app. Gives up to date information as well as JAMA, CME etc

Research and Public Health is working on vaccine assistance, social determinates of health tool kit, Osteopathic Medical student wellness tool kit to identify burnout and suicidal ideation.

Policy reviewed twenty-two sunsetting policies and three white paper. They continue to work on policies on Opiate use.

JOM Editor (renamed from JAOA) Published with open access by an outside publisher. Trying to expedite publishing. Using social media to publish. One hundred percent of publishing on line. Turn around time is less than 30 days to publish and article after submitted.

Most resolutions that were scheduled to sunset were approved to continue with editing.

There was a very heated debate when it came to the resolutions revolving around the merger. The students and residence were vocal that it is expensive as well as unfair to take both COMLEX and USMLE. Many MD programs are prejudice against DO’s. California had to take legal action against the UC system to allow DO’s to be accepted to their residencies. The AOA took legal action to make sure the MD programs do not charge more for the DO’s to rotate at their facility. Students and residence would like to see a uniform test for all MD and DO’s with an additional exam for OMM for the DO students

The AOA has met with BCBS and Cigna to pay for OMT and not take issue with the 25 modifier.

The house pulled the charter on the American Osteopathic Society for Rheumatic Disease. This organization was not representing Rheumatologist; rather they are doing integrative medicine. The AOA does not pull charters very often and it was done to represent the Rheumatologist appropriately

The resolution for guidelines to treat family members was withdrawn. The AOA is not regulating treatment for family members other than what the license board in each state recommends.

White papers were written on recreational marijuana use, obesity, IV drug injection and a few more.

Two new issues promoting Osteopathic Principles and Practice (OPP) in CME and incorporating OPP into value-based care was referred back for editing and will be present next year.

The standard screening for intimidate partner violence is being referred back to its author for edification.

The elections were done as they always do them. The person for the position is predetermined and placed in nomination to be elected

The HOD did not tackle Rowe V Wade since the ruling came down after the deadline for resolutions submission.

The HOD added politically correct wording for reproductive health, ethnicity and biodiversity.

Please feel free to address any questions or concerns Respectfully Submitted,
Ellice Goldberg, DO, FACOFP